Accounting for startups

You know what they* say – accounting for startups is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Go to our website
2. Download our Startup Founder’s Guide to Accounting and Tax ebook
3. Read it, use it, tell your friends!

See? Easy.

What does the accounting for startups ebook cover?

In short, it covers your startup accounting and tax need-to-knows.

Which means:

  • Accounting essentials, including an overview of startup bookkeeping, payroll, financial modelling, cash flow and valuations
  • Worthwhile accounting tools for startups like XeroReceipt BankSpotlight and more
  • Tax essentials, including GST, PAYG, tax incentives for startups and how to choose a company structure
  • FAQs that startups often ask us about accounting and tax
  • A real life story from a startup we work with

It’ll get you up to speed fast (15 minutes ish) and it won’t cost you a cent. What’s not to love?

Who’s the ebook for?

We’ve developed it with earlier stage startups in mind – founders who are juggling it all right now and need every quality shortcut and worthwhile hack they can get.

Who wrote it?

Um, we did 😉

Cheeky comments aside, our founders Remco and Mike put it together, with a little help from some friends (they’re good with numbers not design).

They get accounting for tech startups and accounting for start up businesses in general because that’s their thing. Which leads us to …

Accounting firms for startups

When you’re a startup, you can’t afford to muck around with advisers who don’t get your world.

You need an accounting service that offers you streamlined efficiency from the latest technology combined with the convenience of the cloud, and expert advice for the bigger picture stuff. Like raising capital, for example. And you need a service that understands accounting fees for a startup need to be fixed, fair and transparent with no lock ins. Ever.

Here’s an infographic that will help you understand the difference between accounting firms for startups versus traditional accountants.

Hang on, where is the ebook?

Ah of course, here you go. If you have any problems downloading it, please just let us know and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

Just quickly …

Before you go, just a reminder not to take our blogs, ebooks or other resources as personal tax advice. If you’d like that or to chat about our other accounting for startups services, please get in touch.

*okay, it’s really us.

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