Accounting tips for startups

It’s easy to go down an internet rabbit hole when looking for accounting tips for startups.

Please don’t do this to yourself. Instead, grab a coffee, or a wine 🙂 and download our Accounting and Tax for Startups ebook.  It’ll get you up to speed fast (15 minutes ish) and it won’t cost you a cent.

What accounting tips for startups will I learn?

Here’s what the ebook covers:

  • Accounting need-to-knows – an overview of startup bookkeeping, payroll, financial modelling, cash flow and valuations, including worthwhile accounting tools for startups (like Xero and Receipt Bank)
  • Tax need-to-knows, including GST, PAYG, tax incentives for startups and choosing a company structure
  • FAQs that we hear from startups about accounting and tax
  • A real-life story from a startup that we work with

Who’s the ebook for?

It’s particularly for earlier stage startups who are juggling it all right now – building product, talking to customers, doing their own marketing, taking out the rubbish … etc.  

If this is you, we’ve got your back with one of the most useful accounting tools for startups.

How do weknow what you need to know?

Well, because we work with early stage startups (and many at other stages) all the time. In fact, that’s what we do.

We’re not typical accountants.  We’re dedicated to accounting for startups.  Our directors have experience in their own startups and as virtual CFOs to others, and have also worked in venture capital.

Go on, show me one of your accounting tips for startups

Sure thing: Separate your personal and startup finances.

It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs don’t do this but please take our word for it when we say at best, it leads to confusion.  At worst, you could wind up paying more tax.  Avoid it by setting up a separate bank account for your business.  It’s that simple and it will avoid a lot of potential pain.

Just quickly …

We sincerely hope the ebook helps you begin navigating the world of accounting and tax, without spending hours doing your own research.  But as always, please don’t take it as personal tax advice – speak to our tax guy Mike for that. 

Hang on, where is the ebook?

If you’re not seeing the pop up on this page asking if you’d like to download the ebook, please email us on to let us know and we’ll send it straight to you.

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