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How does the ‘Netflix tax’ affect my business?

“Bottom line: Businesses registered for GST will not be affected by this change if you register your ABN. From July 1 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to all digital products and services supplied into Australia (see the Parliament Of Australia website, if you want the official version).”

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How to make sure you know how to make money

Revenue: How do you make money? In this blog we’re going to talk about how you make money. We will find ourselves in the next stage of building our financial model. And at the end, we should have a full set of financials statements.

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How to work out your startup’s living wage

What is a living wage? How much should you pay yourself as a startup founder? When you’re running a startup, every cent counts! You might recall our article here in which we pointed out that the main reason startups fail is that they run out of cash.

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End of financial year tips

There aren’t specific startup friendly changes this financial year but with the end of the Financial Year just around the corner it’s always good to remind yourself of some hints going into the end of the Financial Year:

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Want to really understand startup funding?

Startup Funding Sorted: Your guide

Your complete guide to startup funding, including real life founder stories and pro tips from funding experts.


Cashflow Model

Tracking and forecasting cashflow is essential to running a successful business. Use this free tool to improve your cashflow management and make more informed decisions.


Strength from numbers

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