Commercial Sales & Partnerships Lead 

Build connections and business with us

Are you the positive force we’re looking for in Sydney and beyond? Be part of Australia’s #1 accounting firm for startups in our next exciting phase.
Are you a community manager at a Sydney coworking space or accelerator? Maybe you’re in business development at a startup or account management at an agency. Or maybe you’ve taken time out for family and are looking for the right opportunity to jump back into work with your trademark nous and energy.
That’s a lot of maybes. Here’s one sure thing: If you know how to build relationships and translate them into sales, we want you to keep reading. Please.

About the role

Commercial Sales and Partnerships Lead is a new role for us at Standard Ledger, and one we’ve been thinking about for a while.

Over the last six years, we’ve built our business by being relationships focused. We help and connect with people first and then if it makes sense to work together, we do. Now, with steady growth behind us and our back-end team and systems in place, we’re ready to double down on this. We need the right person to focus on business development while still reflecting our culture of relationship building. In other words, we don’t want a hard sales style but we do want a strategic and steady sales pipeline. You’ll be remunerated for developing this with a package involving a base salary, commission and equity via our employee share scheme.

We think the key to this role will be identifying the right relationships to build and then nurture them through to selling our services. Your opportunities will come through leaning into our existing partnerships and growing new ones via referrals, prospecting incoming direct leads, your own connections, our sales and marketing activities and from mining our CRM database.

You will need to be able to talk commercially with startup founders, and need to be able to talk to our services. You’ll articulate the benefits we provide from our CFO services, where our co-founders and experienced CFOs work with startups and scale ups at a financial and operational level to achieve their growth plans; and our other core services which suit founders just starting out. This includes our scalable bookkeeping and payroll packages and outsourced tax support, and helping our startups access funds through the R&D Tax Incentive, grants and fundraising support.

About you

As mentioned above, there are many roles and situations that could apply to you. There are some definites though, including:

  • You’re experienced in relationship building for commercial outcomes
  • You have five(ish) years experience in sales, community, partnerships or business development roles
  • You live in Sydney and are able to work at co-working spaces (most likely across two main ones), while also being able to keep things going remotely if needed in this COVID world
  • Ideally, you are experienced in working with and maintaining a pipeline through a CRM tool (we use HubSpot)

If you need to work from home more often because of family, we’re supportive of that and we’re open to this role being part-time, initially. We just need to know you will bring passion and focus to the work, no matter where it’s done, and be able to make enough connections within coworking spaces, partnerships and by attending networking events – ours and others – when needed. 

About us 

If you’re part of the startup ecosystem, maybe you know us a little (we hope so anyway). You might know we’re not traditional accountants. That means we lean into the startups and fast-growing SMEs we work with. We lean into their businesses to measure the right metrics, streamline operations, support capital raising, expand overseas and generally help them get where they want to go. And we lean into the startup way of life as part of coworking spaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane with a back office team in Australia and Manila.

Why do we love startups so much? Well, that’s a long story. You can read some of it over on our blog if you’re interested. 

Let’s talk

If this sounds like you, please send in a letter, CV and/or video explaining why you suit this role. Please email with your ‘why’ and your contact details so we can organise a confidential chat.  

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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