Talking business (and brussel sprouts) with our Head of Brisbane, Brandon Leong

Brandon Leong worked in international accounting and finance leadership roles before coming home to Brisbane where he’s led teams, transformed operations and rolled up his sleeves in the startup world. 

He’s passionate about a lot of things. Like helping founders and business owners get where they want to go; his family and… brussel sprouts. Find out more about him below. 

1. Just quickly, what’s your role at Standard Ledger? 

It’s really to help founders and business owners make it to the next level of growth. That’s by outsourcing the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping – so they have time to focus on the bigger picture – and working with them in a CFO consulting capacity to make that bigger picture happen.

2. If you were a startup, what would your elevator pitch be?

I make a difference to people, businesses and communities by helping them with their objectives and growth plans. 

3. What makes you tick, outside work?

I think I’m probably quite a boring person! I’m a musician so when I can, I play my saxophone. I love jazz and baroque music. I have two young kids, who keep me very active. I love to keep fit, and my passion is rowing. It’s rewarding individually and as a team. 

I grew up in Brisbane, and I love living here. It’s fantastic for kids and grown ups. It really is the sunshine state.

Brandon Leong

4. What’s your professional background?

I started off as a chartered accountant at PwC in Brisbane. I was with them for just over 10 years in Australia and in the US and UK, doing a lot of corporate finance work. 

I came back to Brisbane about 11 years ago and wanted to challenge myself and move out of the straight up accounting world. I moved into commercial management in construction. It was really rewarding, because it’s where business meets operations.

I’m really future focused. I’m interested in what nations need to remain viable and sustainable, and as part of that passion I started looking into health and aged care. They will be massive opportunities in the future and there’s a lot of disruption yet to happen. I’m also really interested in technology and using data intelligently. 

I turned these passions into Board and internal transformation roles within aged care and a fintech startup, before joining Standard Ledger as the Brisbane lead to help many more entrepreneurial businesses. Using my skillsets to provide insight and value to the disruptive, innovative sector is exciting. 

5. How do you help founders and business owners as a virtual CFO?

Finance and being a CFO is my bread and butter. We can cost-effectively provide the basics for startups, like financial reports, tax compliance and cashflow management.

Beyond that, there’s a lot more to it. My background is all about strategy and transformational change, so I help businesses with all the pieces of the puzzle from setting objectives to governance. It means looking at how you prepare for the future. What’s your people strategy? How do you commercialise your idea? How should your Board be set up? Do you need to raise capital?

I see the opportunities and what needs to happen next. It’s about using the lens of finance and saying okay: to get where you want to go, you need to do these things. 

6. What is your Board experience? 

I’m a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and have experience as an executive and non-executive director. It gives you a different level of understanding. You’re able to provide much more value by advising on how a company’s strategy should be developed to achieve its goals. 

7. Finally, the big question… 

You’re stuck on a desert island. What three foods would you take for the rest of your life?

1. Tea. I love tea – just ask my daughter.

2. Spicy food. My favourite spicy food is laksa. 

3. Brussel sprouts! They are fantastic nutritionally. I love bitter, spicy food. I could eat them all day. I wasn’t like that as a kid!  I steam them, roast them and the best way is sauteed with garlic. 

8. How do people get in touch with you?

I’m always keen to hear from startup founders and business owners. You can email me to set up a time to talk, or book into my calendar for a phone call if that’s easier. I’d love to chat about your business!


Head here to see our Brisbane accounting, bookkeeping and virtual CFO service. 

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