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Our story

What an amazing world we live in. We are privileged to be witnessing an extraordinary time for founders and business owners. It has never been so easy for someone with passion and an idea to create and run a business.

But even though access to information and communication tools makes it easy for us to talk to almost anyone on the planet, growing and scaling a business can still be really difficult.

A lot of this comes down to how a business stays focused and on track. Thriving businesses have healthy finances, operations and cash flow. Getting advice as early as possible is important but getting reliable, responsive, expert advice is critical.

This is why we exist.

We are an accounting firm set up specifically for startups and fast growing SMEs. This laser focus means we really understand what it takes for you to succeed at each stage.

Our directors have experience in accounting firms, venture capital firms and right inside startups and SMEs. And we use it to help business owners make the right financial decisions. We know the efficient systems and processes you need to rely on. We know how to help you stay on track while growing rapidly. And finally, we know when and where to access funding, and how to help manage it inside your business.

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