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Your options for R&D tax and government grants

  • Refunds up to 43.5%
  • Major funding sources
  • Tiered services pricing
  • Early access through loans
  • No win, no fee 

You probably know there’s a world of government grants to explore for your startup or SME. Top of the list? The R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grants (EMDG).

They are major funding sources that don’t require you to give up any equity in your business. They do require a fair bit of work to apply for though, which is where we come in.

Our specialists will talk you through them, as well as your other options from R&D finance to other government grants worth considering. Find out more below. 

R&D Tax

from $3,000

R&D tax incentive


  • Eligibility discussion
  • Review narrative
  • Expenditure calculation
  • AusIndustry application
  • Prepare tax schedule.
  • Base $3,000 for $100k R&D spend
  • +$1,000 per extra $100k

    $3,000 for $100k spend

    $4,000 for $200k

    $5,000 for $300k

    $6,000 for $400k

    $7,000 for $500k

    $8,000 for $600k

    $9,000 for $700k

    $10,000 for $800k

    $11,000 for $900k

    $12,000 for $1m+



from $1,500

Export Market Development Grant


  • Eligibility discussion
  • Collation of supporting
  • Expenditure calculation
  • Austrade EMDG application
  • Base $1,500 for $15k EMDG spend
  • increasing for each $50k

    $1,500 for $15k spend

    $3,500 for $50k

    $6,500 for $100k

    $9,000 for $150k

    $11,500 for $200k

    $13,500 for $250k

    $15,500 for $300k

Other Grants



For advice on

  • Accelerating
  • Commercialisation 
  • Other grant eligibility
  • Talk to us about
    advice on other grants

All prices exclude GST.

R&D preparation services are payable when your claim is ready to lodge with AusIndustry.
‘No win, no fee’ means that if for any reason we do not progress to lodging your claim, there are no fees to pay.
An additional writing fee may apply if you need us to prepare your technical descriptions for you depending on what information you have and what support you need.
If the expenditure is higher than expected, then any additional fees will be discussed with you as soon as we’re aware of that.
Any R&D tax incentive refund is received through submitting your tax return. If we’re preparing your tax return, our tax preparation fees are additional.
Please view our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How R&D and the EMDG work

The R&D Tax Incentive can provide up to 43.5% of your development costs back as a cash refund through the tax process. It can apply to many different businesses from software startups to engineering, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.


You’re likely to be eligible if you:

  • Are a company undertaking innovative, unique, non-trivial software, hardware, engineering or manufacturing development
  • Can describe this development as a series of experiments with unknown outcomes from which you’ve learned along the way
  • Have spent at least $20K on R&D during the year, which can include employees and Australian contractors and their costs such as equipment, rent and other R&D related overheads

How it works

You can apply for the R&D tax incentive each year – the registration deadline is 30 April for the previous financial year.

Our R&D Tax Incentive and Grants Specialist, John Nixon, brings more than 15 years' experience to your claim. He will let you know if it's worth applying, work through your eligible costs and guide you through the process. 

Head to our R&D Tax Incentive FAQ if you'd like more detail or simply choose a time to talk to John. 


We don’t agree with the pure percentage-based fee model that other providers charge. Instead, we’ve set transparent rates that support smaller R&D claims for early stage startups and bigger claims for more established businesses, always on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Our base fee is $3,000 for up to your first $100k in R&D spend + an extra $1,000 for each additional $100k in R&D spend.

Note that depending on any complexities that may be identified in your kick off call, additional fees may pop up – we’ll always talk about these beforehand.


The Export Market Development Grants scheme (EMDG) is managed by Austrade. It can reimburse up to 50% of your export promotional expenses above $5,000, as long as you spend more than $15,000. Each claim is capped at $150,000.


The EMDG scheme is for startups and growing businesses looking to
expand overseas.

How it works

The application deadline is 30 November for the previous financial year, or 28 February if you are using an approved consultant such as our EMDG partner, Avant Group.

Reimbursement is available over eight claims, which provides you nine years of activity because for your first claim, you can bundle years one and two together. Most startups choose to wait until their second year to maximise the benefit.

Want more information on what you can claim and the process?
Check out our EMDG FAQ.


Our base fee is $1,500 for up to your first $15k in eligible spend increasing for each $50k in eligible spend.


The R&D tax incentive remains one of the main sources of startup funding in Australia. However, we are in a climate of increasing audits and some uncertainty, which is why we also provide an additional R&D guidance service.

This involves an R&D consultant reviewing your R&D documentation during the year to make sure you’re on track with collecting all the information needed to support your claim, once the financial year has ended.


$1,000 per review

Note: We often do half year or sometimes quarterly reviews – book them in now as part of your pre-planning process.


If you’re wondering how to survive until tax time to get your R&D refund, you need to know about R&D financing.

Likewise, if you’re considering raising funds from outside investment. With R&D forward funding (also known as R&D financing), you mightn’t need to seek outside investment, thereby keeping more equity in your business for longer.

How it works

We work with several lenders who specialise in providing loans against expected R&D tax refunds. You don’t need to have made a successful R&D claim in the past to be eligible, but if you have it will make the process quicker and easier. Either way, it’s not guaranteed and we’ll let you know if it’s worth trying or not.

Note that R&D lenders require a letter of confirmation from the R&D consultant as part of their loan approval process. See our R&D Lending Support service for more information.


In addition to preparing the R&D application itself, our R&D consultants can prepare the letter of confirmation that R&D lenders require to support an application to them.  

Our R&D consultants prepare what is effectively a mini claim, which includes the expected R&D cost and refund calculations and often a forward cashflow, which all goes into a letter for the lender to support your application.


$2,000 per support letter

Note: If you are doing multiple R&D loan draw downs throughout the year, there’s a possibility that the lender will require the support letter each time.


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