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R&D tax incentives for Australian businesses

  • Refunds up to 43.5%
  • Major funding source
  • Tiered services pricing
  • Early access through loans
  • No win, no fee 

With refunds of up to 43.5% of  development costs, the R&D tax incentive is the major source of funding for startups and other businesses.  And yet, many early startups (in particular) aren’t aware of it.  And no you don’t need to be a tech startups.  Manufacturers, engineers and medical companies are also big users of the R&D tax incentive.

If you do know about it, maybe you haven’t found the right R&D service provider for the stage you’re at or maybe you’re wondering how you can wait until tax time to get the cash.

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. And we also work with lenders who’ll consider loaning you the money early.  Phew.


PwC Nifty Pricing – for claims above $200k R&D spend

Our core R&D option is Nifty Grants, backed by PwC. It comes with the service delivery, feedback, support and initial audit response you’d expect from one of Australia’s leading professional services firms. 

Catalyst Solutions pricing – for claims up to $200k R&D spend

If your R&D spend is smaller or if you’re just starting out, you might want to save money by doing more of the R&D application work yourself. That’s why we’ve partnered with independent R&D firm, Catalyst Solutions, for a more guided approach. 

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