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There’s no shortage of online advice for startup founders but with time one of your most precious commodities, we’ve put together a quick list of startup blogs that are actually worth reading.

Who are we?

We’re a startup too, but here’s the difference – we’re a startup that serves other startups by providing bookkeeping, accounting, funding and CFO services.

You can read more about what we do here or just jump straight into the startup blog list below.

Top 8 blogs

We should preface this by saying that while we are proud to be Australian and work with Aussie startups, the bloggers on this list are mostly from overseas. Because you just can’t go past their advice most of the time whether you’re in Surrey Hills, Sydney or Silicon Valley.

And of course the startup blogs you will find most useful will depend on what type of startup you are – SaaS, medtech, fintech, edtech, whatever tech – and what stage your startup is at.

Nevertheless, we think the following blogs and websites are pretty universal (mostly), so here’s our list, in no particular order:

  1. TechCrunch – for all the tech industry news, emerging trends, new apps, gadgets, etc. (out of the US)
  2. Startup Lessons Learned – by the creator of the Lean Startup methodology, Eric Ries
  3. Musings of a VC in New York – by the ever helpful Fred Wilson
  4. Andrew Chen – ex Uber and currently a partner at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, he writes longer-form essays about tech, growth and startups
  5. Seth Godin – marketing guru and former dot com exec. He sends a succinct email each night (Australian time) that you might just find speaks to you. It’s often eerily relevant – it’s like he knows exactly what advice you need to know at any given time
  6. Weekly Sparks – from Spark Festival in Sydney (Australia’s largest startup event)
  7. Startup Soda – a daily email with startup news, blog posts and resources from Aussie founders and venture capitalists
  8. StartupSmart daily enews – you’re probably already onto this but just in case, this is probably the best way to keep up to date with startup news in Aus

A few more startup blogs …

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we’re also fans of our own startup blog.

While we’re not Eric Ries, we are Australian and we do have a lot of startup experience both in our own startups and as CFO or virtual CFO to many others, including Choovie and Resource Recovery Victoria (which we worked with as a virtual CFO for years, ultimately leading to its acquisition by an ASX listed company).

Our mission is to help startup founders understand their finances, and we invest a fair bit of our time putting together useful (we think) articles and advice on our blog.

Some of our recent posts that you might find worthwhile are:

A bit more than a blog

We’ve also put together two handy 15-minute read ebooks, if you’re interested in some more free advice:

And what about you?

What blogs or social media gurus do you follow for startup advice? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  

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