Time to change accountants?(it’s not hard to make the cut)

Using a traditional accountant for your startup can be like going to a hairdresser who doesn’t listen and yet you keep going back because sometimes, change seems hard. Luckily, it’s not difficult to change accountants.

You know startup accountants will give you a much, much better service and that starts with making it easy for you to move across without losing more time in the salon (so to speak).

Here’s how to change accountants:

  1. Let us know if there’s any outstanding compliance paperwork (e.g. overdue GST or tax returns)
  2. Decide if you want us or your existing accountant to do those things, depending on timing
  3. Hire us as your startup accountant by accepting our proposal
  4. Let your old accountant know as a courtesy if you feel so inclined, and let us know their details so we can contact them for your previous year’s financials
  5. Wash your hands and get back to work, because that’s how to change your accountant!

Once you’ve made the move, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having startup accountants on your team. Like services that scale with you, financial modelling, startup valuation and help raising capital. And generally, just an accounting partner that actually listens to you.

You can change accountants now, by booking a call with us to get started.

If you’re reading this after yet another frustrating tax time or chat with your traditional accountant (let us guess, he said “no” a lot?) now’s the time to make the move so you don’t end up in the same boat in a few months time and find yourself googling “how to change your accountant” all over again 😉

And there’s no need to cringe if you bump into your old accountant down the street. After all, he wasn’t your hairdresser.

Photos: (Top) by Stefan Lorentz on pexels.com; (previous page) by @ejaybg via Twenty20.

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