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Startup, EMI & Growth Share Valuations

At Standard Ledger, we know that a solid valuation is key to your startup’s success. Whether you’re raising funds, planning an exit, or setting up employee incentives, our Startup, EMI, and Growth Share Valuations have got you covered.  

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Why Choose Standard Ledger UK?

Our valuation services are designed with the unique challenges of startups in mind. With our experience, you’ll get a valuation that reflects where you are, and where you’re headed.

Every startup is different, and so are our valuations. We tailor our approach to fit your situation and goals, whether it’s a startup, EMI or growth share valuation. 

We believe in being upfront about costs. Our pricing is clear and straightforward, so you won’t be hit with any hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. 

“Standard Ledger helped us with our cap table, financial projections and valuation. Through working with them, I’ve learnt to understand the numbers, which means I’m more empowered when talking to investors and suppliers.

Shannon Gilleland, Co-Founder, Pronto Bottle

Valuation Pricing at a Glance

Prices can vary depending on how much preparation your financials need. We’ll discuss this with you upfront – no surprises.

Startup Valuation

For Capital Raising & Exit Planning

Securing investment or planning an exit? Our Startup Valuation gives you a thorough analysis of your startup’s worth. We provide detailed financial projections and a five-way valuation analysis, so you can negotiate confidently and impress potential investors.

From £1,000

EMI Valuation

For Employee Incentive Schemes

Looking to reward and retain your top talent? Our EMI Valuation, approved by HMRC, helps you set up an Enterprise Management Incentive scheme. This valuation ensures you comply with HMRC regulations, offering tax benefits for both your startup and your team. 

From £1,000

Growth Share Valuation

For Incentivising Your Team

Want to motivate your team to hit those big milestones? Our Growth Share Valuation sets up tax-efficient incentives based on hitting specific “hurdles”. This not only aligns your team’s goals with your company’s growth but also maximises tax benefits. 

From £1,000

All prices exclude VAT. We’ll ask for payment before supplying final materials. 

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