Missed an event? You're in luck.

Well, you might be. Here are the recordings of some of our latest online events. We hope you find what you’re looking for (if not, let us know here). 

September 2023

SELLING YOUR STARTUP: Is an exit on the horizon for your startup? Knowledge is power, as they say, and for something as vital as selling your business – you’ll want all the facts! Hear from the finance and legal experts at Standard Ledger and A City Law Firm to get the full low-down on what you need to know before selling your startup.  


June 2023

CAP TABLE MODELLING: As a founder, it’s important to understand how your startup’s cap table will change through multiple funding rounds. In this online seminar, we help you understand how cap tables work and how to manage yours to avoid diluting your ownership too much.  


May 2023

KEEN TO SELL YOUR STARTUP? Well then, this one’s for you. It takes a lot of preparation to successfully exit your startup. Watch/listen to this online Q&A seminar to learn the key legal and financial preparatory steps. Thanks to SeedLegals for joining us on this one.


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Startups have many similar questions about accounting, tax, funding, valuation, R&D and revenue recognition. Our Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are a good way to handle these.
We ask for initial finance-related questions from the community as a jumping off point and then open up for on-the-spot questions. If this sounds good, let us know.