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Looking to make your mark in the UK? Take a read of our comprehensive guide to expanding your startup to Old Blighty!
If you plan to issue shares or other forms of equity in your startup, you’ll need a cap table. Here's one to try.
The Startup Metrics Guide, brought to you by leading UK startup-focused accountants.
Save yourself the time and cost of a complicated financial model with this easy-to-use template that will...
A free pitch deck template designed to cut through the clutter and provide the info investors want.
Tracking and forecasting cashflow is essential to running a successful business. Use this tool to improve...


Join other founders at our in-person and online events. Financial intelligence, for free.


Discover the key factors and methodologies that determine your startup's worth, from valuation goals to company stage and type, with our in-depth guide to startup valuation.
As your startup grows, do you need a full-time CFO or is a fractional CFO the better choice? Explore which option is the right fit for your startup!
Walk through the essentials of creating a startup investment pitch that's bound to captivate and convince potential investors.

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