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If it was easy to set up a UK Company, everyone would do it, right?

Not to mention making sure you comply with your legal obligations as a Director. Every. Single. Year (or raise the ire of Companies House).

Don’t get bogged down in the details. Leave the government forms and liaison to us, so you can direct your focus where it’s needed most.

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(+ letter handling costs)

Prices exclude VAT.

You didn’t start a business to fill out government forms

But someone has to. We’re here to set you up right, from the start, and keep you on the right side of HMRC and Companies House.

Services in more detail

A closer look at how our services will support you.

Navigating UK Company set up is not for the faint-hearted. Is the business name you want available? Are your shares beneficially held? What address can you use if you’re trading online?

It’s overwhelming but that’s what we’re here for. We’ll manage it for you so you can direct your focus back where it’s needed most.

This service includes:

  • Setting up a standard UK registered company
  • Companies House registration*
  • HMRC registration of Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE
  • Standard Articles of Association
  • A basic share structure

*This includes registering your Company name, business purpose, registered address, business address, shareholders, Directors details (up to two directors), Persons of Significant Control and financial year end set up.

This service does not include more complicated structures, such as parent companies, or non-ordinary shares, such as preference, golden or class B shares. We can help you with these too, but let’s talk first so we can find out what you need and provide a quote.


£200 + VAT
(excludes Companies House and HMRC application fees, which will be charged directly to you)


If you have questions about this service, please choose a time that suits to talk.

Your UK Company is all set up – congratulations! It also means you’ve entered an ongoing relationship with Companies House to comply with the Companies Act 2006.

We’ll help you keep on top of your legal obligations with this affordable service that punches above its weight for peace of mind 🙂.

This service includes:

  • Preparing and filing your annual CS01 form
  • Updating and reviewing the PSC register
  • Updating Company details as your business grows
  • Filing SH01 share confirmations when needed

Our fee:

£25/month + VAT


If you have questions about this service, please choose a time that suits to talk.

If you need a Registered Office address for your UK company but don’t have anyone in-country, this service is for you.

It involves:

  • A UK Registered Office address to use with Companies House and HMRC
  • An online mail management platform so you can choose what to do with any mail you receive (e.g. forwarding it elsewhere)
  • We recommend only using this address for Companies House and HMRC letters that are required to go to a UK registered address, and use a separate address as your ‘service address’ to keep costs down

Our fee:

  • £12/month + VAT
  • Approx. £2.10 per letter for handling costs
  • Further plans are available if you’d like to manage a higher frequency of letters and/or parcels (from an additional £9/month)


If you have questions about this service, please choose a time that suits to talk.

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