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Payroll never felt so good

The payroll burden is real. Onboarding, tax, pensions… it can occupy a big piece of your mind as a founder, business owner or finance manager juggling competing demands.

That’s why we have a complete payroll service with global options – so you can spend more time working with your team, safe in the knowledge that payroll is happening right, every time.

That’s a different kind of peace of mind.

Sleep well with our payroll service

We handle everything to do with payroll processing. That includes setting up employees, paying them and handling queries and departures.

You’ll be compliant with HMRC RTI requirements, pension auto-enrolment and all your pension and end-of-year P60 and P11D filings.

Price guide:

We can also process pay fortnightly (extra £2/person/month) or weekly (extra £4/person/month). + Xero payroll from £5/month.
No lock ins (ever).

Prices exclude VAT. We apply our Fair Use Policy to all services with volume estimates – please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more info.

Global business. Global payroll.

Trust us when we say: Global payroll is not something you want to wrap your head around when expanding overseas.

We know because we run payroll in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US (and the UK of course) for our clients.

This includes:

  • Payroll set up offshore as needed
  • Monthly processing
  • All compliance obligations
  • Employee queries + departures

We can also put you in touch with an international Employer of Record (EoR) company to support in-country employees.


Every country has a different system and different obligations so it’s best to talk about what you need and we’ll let you know:

  • A one-off set up fee per country
  • A monthly price per country
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