Quick Insights: Preparing Your SEIS/EIS Application

Series 2: Applying for SEIS/EIS

Streamlining your journey throughout the SEIS/EIS application process – from choosing the right scheme to application prep and what documents you’ll need.

Are you gearing up to navigate the intricacies of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) or the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)? Before diving into the paperwork, it’s crucial to understand that the SEIS/EIS application process is thorough, designed to ensure only eligible startups benefit from these schemes. Preparation is key to navigating this process effectively. Let’s take a look:

Key Steps to Effective SEIS/EIS Prep

Understand Eligibility

The first step in preparing for a SEIS/EIS application is to ensure that your company meets the eligibility criteria. For SEIS, this includes factors such as being a UK-based company, having fewer than 25 employees, and having gross assets of no more than £200,000. For EIS, the criteria are slightly different, with emphasis on factors like the company’s age, size, and the nature of its activities.

Structuring Your Company

Once you’ve confirmed eligibility, the next step is to structure your company in a way that maximises its appeal to potential investors. This involves creating a compelling business plan that outlines your company’s vision, mission, and growth potential. Plus, ensure your share structure aligns with SEIS/EIS rules, as there are restrictions on the share types which qualify for tax relief.

Gathering Key Information

While the actual documentation required for SEIS/EIS applications comes later in the process (and we’ll explore it in our next Quick Insight), it’s crucial to start compiling relevant information early on – financial records, company accounts, and other supporting documents that demonstrate your eligibility.

Network, Network, Network

Finally, preparing for a SEIS/EIS application involves building relationships with potential investors who may be interested in participating in your fundraising round. Networking events, pitch competitions, and investor meetings are excellent opportunities to showcase your company and generate interest among potential backers. Cultivating these relationships early builds a robust investor pipeline, crucial for successful fundraising.

The Significance of Good Prep

As you prepare to embark on your SEIS/EIS application journey, remember that success begins with preparation. By laying a solid foundation for your application, you enhance your chances of attracting investors and securing the funding needed to fuel the growth of your startup!

Next, we’ll explore “Documents You Need for SEIS/EIS Success,” where we’ll dive deeper into the specific documents you’ll need to compile for a successful application, ensuring you’re fully equipped to navigate this complex terrain. 

Ready to make the most of SEIS/EIS for your startup? Let’s chat! Whether you’re seeking clarity on eligibility, benefits, or advance assurance, we’re here to guide you through the process. Book a no-obligation consultation with Elliott Gaspar, Standard Ledger’s Founding UK Director, and unlock the potential of these valuable investment schemes for your startup.

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We’re for founders

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