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Quick Insights: Incorporating Metrics into Pitch Presentations

Series 3: Metrics Mastery for Investor Confidence

Learn how to leverage key metrics to attract investors, incorporate them into pitch presentations, maximise your startup’s valuation, and guide your company towards a successful exit strategy.

You’ve nailed down the metrics that matter to investors. Now, it’s time to present them in a way that captures their interest and builds confidence in your startup. Here’s how to weave these crucial metrics into your pitch, turning numbers into a compelling narrative that drives investment.

Highlighting Growth Metrics

Revenue Growth Rate

Use graphs and charts to showcase your revenue growth over time. Highlight key moments where significant growth occurred and explain the strategies or events behind these jumps. Pair historical data with future projections to help investors visualise your startup’s trajectory. This combination of past success and future potential is a potent way to demonstrate ongoing growth.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV)

Present your CAC alongside your LTV in a simple, clear chart. This comparison shows the relationship between the cost of acquiring a customer and the revenue they generate over time, illustrating the profitability and efficiency of your customer acquisition strategy. It’s a vivid way to highlight the long-term value each customer brings to your business.

Demonstrating Financial Health

Burn Rate and Cash Runway

Create a cash flow chart that visualises your burn rate and how it impacts your cash runway. Highlight how recent funding rounds have extended your runway and allowed for strategic investments. Include different scenarios to show how varying levels of expenditure and revenue growth will impact your cash runway. This demonstrates your preparedness for different financial conditions, reassuring investors of your financial stability.

Building Trust with Retention Metrics

Churn Rate

Highlight your churn rate with a focus on how it has improved over time. Use case studies or specific examples to show the effectiveness of your retention strategies. Incorporate quotes or stories from satisfied customers to complement your churn rate data. Adding a human element makes your retention success more relatable and convincing.

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Visual Tools for Impact

Graphs and Charts

  • Utilise clear, simple visual aids to make your data easy to understand at a glance. Avoid clutter and focus on the most impactful data points.


  • Use infographics to combine multiple metrics into a cohesive story. This can help in explaining complex relationships between different data points in an engaging way.


  • Design your slides to be visually appealing but not overwhelming. Use bullet points, short sentences, and plenty of white space to keep your audience focused on the key messages.

Tying Metrics to Milestones

Milestone Mapping

  • Create a timeline that links key metrics to significant business milestones. Show how past investments have driven growth and how future funding will be used to achieve upcoming goals.

Success Stories

  • Integrate short success stories or case studies that align with your metrics. This provides context and makes the data more compelling.

Turning Numbers into Investment

By strategically incorporating key metrics into your pitch, you can create a narrative that not only informs but also persuades. Show investors not just the data, but the story behind the data – how your startup has grown, where it is headed, and why it is a smart investment. In the next Quick Insight in our series, “Metrics & Valuation: Maximising Startup Worth,” we’ll explore how these metrics influence your startup’s valuation and how to present them to maximise perceived value. Stay tuned!

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