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Just a little thing called growth

Financial modelling for startups and high-growth SMEs

  • Experienced startup and business advisers
  • Understand your financials
  • Gain insight and confidence
  • Drive business growth
  • Investor-ready models

What makes your business tick? Mostly, it’s about the people and the numbers. And mostly, startups and SMEs have a pretty good handle on one of those things.

We’re here to help with the other one (yep, the numbers). As a specialist accounting, CFO and advisory firm focused on startups and fast-growing SMEs, we’ll help you use numbers (and financial models) to straddle the line between running your business and growing it.

With our experience in venture capital and as CFOs helping start and grow businesses over years, we are far from traditional backwards-looking accountants. And that’s the point. We won’t tell you how your year went, we’ll build you an operational financial model to keep you informed about your future so you can understand your cash burn, when you can hire and whether you’ll need external capital. Here’s how it works.

Services at a glance

Your financial model won’t just sit in the cloud. We’ll help you use it to refine your thinking and inform your decisions.


  • 3-way financial model with revenue, staffing, opex and cash forecasts
  • Secured by Modano, a Microsoft Excel add-in
  • Startup metrics such as CAC, LTV, MRR can be built in
  • 2-3 iterations to make it work for your needs

From $3,200  


  • End-of-month service
  • Updates your financial model with actual figures
  • Provides a baseline of model integrity
  • High level actual vs budget analysis

From $550 per month  
*Additional charges may apply


  • Startup-savvy CFO for your business
  • Take the financial load off you
  • Frontline support to keep your business on track financially
  • Ensure financial compliance

From $1,750 per month  
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Prices exclude GST

While some of our clients use the ‘build’ financial modelling service on a stand alone basis (mainly to support capital raising or grant application activities), you will usually find more value from combining our financial modelling with our ongoing CFO service.

If you’re a hands-on founder and can comfortably use the financial model to update revenue and staffing assumptions, our ‘maintain’ financial modelling service could work well.

* Please note that if you need us to update your financial model structurally, we’ll need to charge more for that (but we’ll always discuss this with you first).

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Remco in a meeting with a client

Due diligence and other support

We work with founders and investors to build, review and analyse financial models, including to support due diligence when capital raising or lending. If this sounds like you, get in touch so we can discuss what you need and provide a quote.

How our financial modelling service works

A financial model is only worthwhile if it works for you. That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you need a one-off model to support your investor pitch or an operational model to drive your growth, we’ll build it to suit your needs.

Before building your model, we’ll sit down with you to understand why you need it. What do you want to achieve? How will your model do that?

Then things get a bit messy… picture a white board with a lot of writing, arrows and okay, some scribbles 😃. This session is about understanding your business drivers. We’ll spend a lot of time talking about revenue – past, present and future – plus the team and costs you’ll need to deliver it.

Once we build the first cut of your model, we’ll refine it a few times until we have a first complete version. And once that’s done, it’s likely we’ll continue to refine the model’s presentation layer to suit your needs. This is especially important when using your model as an operational tool because clear data presentation will help you make better business decisions.

Take a look at our Dashboard and Financial Modelling Portfolio for examples of the level of work we produce.

Please know that part of our philosophy is that we support you to grow and change, so we don’t want you to feel locked into a financial model. Along the building journey, we’ll encourage you to get hands on with the model. Although this can be challenging at times, it will give you the ultimate insight into your business.

We have decades of experience in accounting and financial modelling. We’ve used all the tools, including Fathom, Spotlight Reporting and Futrli, and they all end up slowing down the building process and can feel like a black box, limiting the tool’s ability.

So… you guessed it: spreadsheets are still the best tool for financial forecasts. But not the humble spreadsheet that gives you flexibility but with the downside of potential errors that can translate into serious cashflow forecast mistakes.

We use spreadsheets powered by Modano, a Microsoft Excel add-in that provides controls to avoid spreadsheet errors creeping in. Modano provides a safe environment to provide high-quality, robust and consistent financial models, and that’s why we license it on behalf of our clients (the cost is included in any ongoing service fees). With these tools, you can always update assumptions in your model while more structural changes are made with us in Modano to make sure you can trust your numbers.

Ultimately, we want your financial model to be a live tool that you use to review how you went and understand what needs to happen next. Think of it like an operational plan but in numbers instead of words (we’d say that’s the ultimate operational plan!). We know numbers might not be your cup of tea but we will work with you to help the model make sense so you can feel confident using it (and draw confidence from it). The founders we work with are typically making changes to their financial models during the month to reflect key revenue, staff and OPEX (operating expense) assumptions as they refine their thinking and explore options. And that’s exactly how it should be. To help with this, we use Modano’s Live Link functionality to connect securely to Xero so your financial model will always contain your latest actuals. We also recommend a baseline level of end-of-month integrity checking and analysis using this tool, which we’ll discuss with you. Xero Livelink Diagram We don’t want you to feel nervous about making a mistake with the tool. As mentioned, Modano’s controls help prevent that and we also have proven systems in place that enable all of us to work without worry. You can read more about how we do this or simply talk to us.

Hear from our clients

The word on the street…

… is that we’re great! You can take our word for it but it’s probably better coming from our clients.

“Standard Ledger has been instrumental in helping us formulate our structures and financial models. ”

Shane Thatcher



When Choovie co-founders Shane Thatcher and Sonya Stephen decided to disrupt the traditional movie business, they knew they’d need a strong team around them.

“We started using Standard Ledger for our bookkeeping early on and it’s been amazing that I don’t even have to think about that side of things,” Shane said.

“But more so, they’re a financial sounding board for us and they’ve worked with us on all our capital raising, including doing the financial modelling we needed to get our initial investor to back us in the beginning.”

From there, we’ve enjoyed working with Choovie on one of the first successful equity crowdfunding campaigns in Australia. More recently, we worked with them on the rigorous application program for Skalata Ventures.

“Getting into Skalata involved a whole due diligence process, with everything that goes along with that,” Shane said. “I wouldn’t recommend going through it without the right support!”

Shane Thatcher



“Working with Remco and Mike has transformed my knowledge and enabled us to grow safely. ”

Charlie Hamer


Public Sector Network

public sector testimonial

In just six years, Public Sector Network has gone from a startup to a successful research, events and training company operating in four countries and setting up in a fifth.

They came to us early on looking for accounting basics – tax, BAS and end-of-year reporting – and our support has grown with them to include our part-time CFO service. Co-founder Charlie Hamer says this has enabled them to grow safely.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them,” Charlie said.

“First, it was about sitting down with Remco to understand our business – our strategic goals, finances and team. Now, we talk at least a few times a week, checking in with our financial model. We’ve also leant on Remco and Mike to help us set up overseas.”

Charlie Hamer


Public Sector Network

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