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Well, you might be. Here are the unedited (messy bits included) recordings of some of our latest online events. We hope you find what you’re looking for (if not, let us know here).

September 2023

HOW TO REV UP YOUR STARTUP WITH NON-DILUTIVE FUNDING: You might have heard about non-dilutive financing, often described as an attractive funding option for startups so they don’t need to give up equity. You might have heard it referred to as venture debt or revenue-based financing. Or you might not have heard about it at all. Whatever the case, this online session is worth watching to learn about how non-dilutive financing works because it’s a crucial part of startup funding landscape. Held in partnership with Tractor Ventures and submarine.

August 2023

CROWDFUNDING CLARITY: Seeking Funding for Your Startup? Crowdfunding could be what you’re looking for. In this seminar experts shared practical tips, and insider insights and we outlined the financial preparation involved with equity crowdfunding, based on our experience supporting startups through it. Held in partnership with Birchal and Pleasant State.

August 2023

LOOKING TO EXIT: Want to sell your startup? Preparing for an exit is complex. This seminar delved into a case study to help attendees understand how to avoid the pitfalls and prepare for a successful startup sale. Held in partnership with Sprintlaw.

June 2023

EMPLOYEE SHARE SCHEMES: How to attract and retain talent for your startup. This seminar – in partnership with startup-friendly lawyers, Burch&Co – explains how Employee Share Schemes (ESS) and Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP) work. We cover the basics and delve into the legal and financial considerations for business owners.

May 2023

STANDARD LEDGER VENTURES: Find out why we started an investment syndicate, what sort of deals we’re doing and how to get involved yourself. Sound good? Watch/listen to this virtual fireside chat between our founders, Remco and Mike, and Aussie Angels CEO, Cheryl Mack.

May 2023

HOW TO EXPAND TO THE UK: If you’re considering expanding your startup to the UK, no doubt you have questions about business structure, government obligations, concessions and staffing. Watch/listen to this webinar recording for the answers! Thanks to Think & Grow for joining us to share their knowledge.

November 2022

STARTUP FUNDING SERIES: Get the edge on equity raising with these insider insights on the state of the market and what investors are looking for. This online event was held in partnership with AirTree, Five V Capital and Scale Investors. 

September 2022

STARTUP FUNDING SERIES: Learn all about this new(er) form of startup funding – revenue based financing. In short: it’s a non-dilutive alternative to capital raising. There’s a lot more to it though – listen in to learn more. This online event was held in partnership with Tractor Ventures.

August 2022

STARTUP FUNDING SERIES: Get the clarity you need to understand whether crowdfunding is a good funding fit for your startup. This online event was held in partnership with Birchal.

May 2022

STARTUP FUNDING SERIES: Learn the fundamentals of R&D tax, R&D finance and the Export Market Development Grant – all recurring sources of revenue. This event was held in partnership with Avant Group and Radium Capital.

October 2021

Expansion: Taking your startup global (in partnership with AirWallex and Think & Grow)

June 2021

R&D and EMDG changes from July 2021 (in partnership with Avant Group)

November 2020

Tips + tricks for managing cashflow (in partnership with Hub Australia)

October 2020

Managing cashflow (SparkFestival event)

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