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A valuation for the stage you’re at

When you need a valuation, you need to know it’s one you can trust. After all, it’s your future we’re talking about.

There are different reasons for needing a valuation and different methods to consider.

With our experience, we’ll guide you to the right one and make sure your valuation stacks up and stands you in good stead, for the road ahead.

Valuations at a glance

NTA/Book Valuation

Usually for an employee share scheme (if you meet the NTA criteria).
More info below.


Startup valuation

Usually for capital raising or an employee share scheme.
More info below.

From $1,900
Prices exclude GST.

We’ll ask for payment before supplying final materials.

What’s an NTA/Book Valuation?

A Net Tangible Asset (NTA) Valuation is also known as a Book Valuation. It’s an independent review of your accounts, along with a high level review of underlying asset values.

Our service will provide you with a CPA certified valuation. We’ll review your balance sheet, shares on issue and the underlying asset values of your accounts.

This type of valuation can be used when putting an employee share scheme in place if your business meets the criteria, including:

  • You haven’t raised $10 million in the last 12 months
  • You’ve been operating for fewer than 7 years or have less than $10 million revenue
  • You prepare financial reports



How a startup valuation works

Illustration of a man passing a cog to a woman at a computer with a rocket with a dollar sign on the screen

Startup valuations are not an exact science. So it’s important to have a range you can confidently negotiate from. 

Or maybe you’re an angel investor, after an independent view on the value of an early stage startup.

Either way, we work with leading global provider, Equidam, to deliver this service. It includes:

  • A detailed report with financial projections, five-way valuations and supporting explanations
  • Reworking the report within one month (up to 2 iterations) if necessary


From $1,900 excluding financial model review
From $2,300 including financial model review

Price can vary depending how much we need to prepare your financials for the valuation.
We’ll talk this through with you first – no surprises.

How to manage your cap table

We know and 💙 our global partners at Cake Equity for managing your cap table when you’re ready for more than just a spreadsheet.

It’s free for 1-10 shareholders and the paid platform can take care of all your compliance obligations too, including:

  • Implementing an employee share scheme (ESS) or share option plan (ESOP)
  • Handling your FCA obligations, including annual review

Head to Cake Equity for more info or get started here.

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