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Equity & valuations

Equity equals ownership, so it’s essential to understand how it works between co-founders and when seeking investment. What goes hand in hand with that? Valuations. We cover both in this popular workshop.

Mike Budnow presenting to a room full of people at a Standard Ledger workshop

Startup funding

Startup funding is a marathon… and a sprint. Most startups need funding from several sources so you need to understand which ones will work best for you at various stages. We’ll walk you through at a steady pace. 

Startup metrics

Traditional metrics like profit and loss don’t cut it for startups. You also need metrics that alert you to any problems or opportunities much sooner. We cover what you need to be tracking and how to go about it. 

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1200 founders online and in-person.

Would you like to arrange one for your community? Startups have many similar questions about accounting, tax, funding, valuation, R&D and revenue recognition. Our Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are a good way to handle these.

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Want to really understand startup funding?

Startup Funding Sorted: Your guide

Your complete guide to startup funding, including real life founder stories and pro tips from funding experts.

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