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Free cap table template for startups

If you plan to issue shares or other forms of equity in your startup, you’ll need a cap table to manage it. Get started with our template that lets you try different scenarios and track ownership in one place.


Cashflow Model

Tracking and forecasting cashflow is essential to running a successful business. Use this free tool to improve your cashflow management and make more informed decisions.


Pitch Deck Template

There are pitch deck templates … and then there are pitch deck templates that work. You definitely want the latter, without having to pay for it.


Accounting and Tax Guide

Understand your accounting essentials and tax obligations quickly and easily in this free startup-focused ebook. You won’t regret this 15-minute read.


Simple Financial Model

Save yourself the time and cost of a complicated financial model with this easy-to-use template that will tell you what you need to know about your business.


Want to really understand startup funding?

Startup Funding Sorted: Your guide

Your complete guide to startup funding, including real life founder stories and pro tips from funding experts.

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