Two women in a meeting at an office desk with financial documents and a calculator
Two women in a meeting at an office desk with financial documents and a calculator

International tax advisory service

Expansion advice from real-life founders (who have done it themselves)

Genuine advisory from actual experience

International tax can be an extremely intricate business, and we don’t want you losing sleep over it. Your global growth journey comes with a lengthy list of things to do, and navigating tax implications can feel like a lot of extra work on top of everything else.

We’ve experienced this journey ourselves so take it from us – having someone beside you who knows what to do is invaluable. We’ve written an article about the tax implications to consider (read here!), and a clear overview of how we can help is in this handy document.

We are here for all stages of your expansion overseas, with helpful, and realistic advice from people who know exactly what you are going through.

Meet our team

Remco Marcelis

Co-founder + CEO
Remco is not your typical accountant. He’s an experienced startup CFO and he’s also our CEO, so he knows a thing or two about running a business.

Michael Budnow

Co-founder + Managing Partner
Mike is an accountant and CFO who left the corporate world to honour his entrepreneurial spirit. His tax and investment experience is invaluable for clients.

Thomas Worden

Client CFO
Thomas is an experienced financial controller. He’s a goal-oriented people person who believes in the power of the startup community to kick goals together.

James Meli

Tax Consultant
James is an experienced tax consultant specialising in international tax, employee share schemes, and business restructuring. His passion is seeing startups accelerate their growth opportunities overseas.

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