Nailing your next funding round with confidence: the Effi story

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  1. The challenge: demonstrating value and vision
  2. The approach: a comprehensive financial model
  3. The impact: an attractive investment opportunity
  4. The deal: approaching with confidence
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The land of tech startups is highly competitive, so when you are looking to get the funding you deserve, just how can you stand out above the crowd? When Effi (a sales and lead management platform for mortgage brokers, founded by Mandeep Sodhi) got in touch with Standard Ledger, we knew that the key to success can be as much about innovation, as it is about financial viability and strategic foresight. Standard Ledger provided Effi with tailored financial models, to communicate its value effectively to investors and secure a substantial funding round at a pre-money valuation of $12 million. 

Effi’s successful funding round story highlights the importance of strong financial models in securing funding for startups, so let’s read on to see how Standard Ledger played a crucial role in the journey! 

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1. The challenge: demonstrating value and vision

Effi was created to address a major pain point for mortgage brokers: excessive admin tasks that distract from client service and business growth. Their platform cuts admin time in half and doubles revenue for its users, offering a tempting solution in an industry plagued by inefficiency. But, transforming a strong product into a language that resonates with investors requires more than technical prowess, it also needs to show a clear demonstration of potential return on investment, and strategic business acumen. This is where Standard Ledger stepped in to meet the challenge, and used expertise and experience to craft a financial narrative that aligned with investor expectations.

2. The approach: a comprehensive financial model

Standard Ledger was providing Effi with our CFO services, and already knew the business well. (Read more about the Effi and Standard Ledger relationship, here.) So, when it then came to raising funds, we were able to take that knowledge, and develop a personalised financial model. 

Here are the key metrics we integrated into the model for Effi:

  • Revenue growth: forecasting significant revenue increases, and outlining how Effi’s expansion into new markets and segments – especially the enterprise sector – would boost financial performance
  • Subscription users: detailing projections showing a strong increase in both enterprise and SaaS users, highlighting the scalability of the platform
  • Cost management: showcasing efficient fund usage and strategic budget allocation, modelling a clear picture on operational efficiency and fiscal responsibility
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3. The impact: an attractive investment opportunity

The clarity and depth of the financial model presented by Standard Ledger did more than just recite figures. It told a story of a scalable, strong business poised for exponential growth. The model described how Effi’s innovative platform, combined with a strategic market expansion plan, positioned the company as an attractive investment opportunity. 

Here’s what resonated with investors:

  • Detailed revenue forecasts: breaking down revenue streams and projecting future growth, allowing investors to visualise the potential financial trajectory
  • User growth metrics: demonstrating a steep curve in user acquisition, validating the market demand and Effi’s effective market entry plan 
  • Financial health indicators: providing a comprehensive view of Effi’s financial health with  cash flow analyses and expenditure forecasts, guaranteeing the company’s capability to manage capital effectively

4. The deal: approaching with confidence

Armed with Standard Ledger’s financial model, Effi approached its funding round with confidence. The detailed and investor focused presentation of financial data and projections played a pivotal role in the discussions, communicating not just the current value of Effi, but its future potential. When it came to the investors who were looking for both innovation and feasibility, they easily found what they were looking for in the numbers and forecasts provided. The result was a successful funding round, with Effi securing investment at a pre-money valuation of $12 million, setting the stage for its next phase of growth and market expansion. And we call that a success story! 

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What’s next?

Effi’s experience highlights the importance of a well-crafted financial model in securing venture capital funding. Standard Ledger’s expertise in financial storytelling, through meticulous models and strategic insights, can turn possible investments into sealed deals. So for startups aiming to nail their next funding round, we can’t stress enough that conveying value through numbers is indispensable. Sophisticated financial modelling is essential not only for understanding a company’s current status, but also to showcase its future potential and true value to investors. We’d love to help your business realise its potential, just like we did with Effi! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and gain the confidence you need  to secure the funding you deserve. 


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