Straightforward financial tips and founder stories of heart and hard work.

What's better than one way to fund your startup? Four ways to fund your startup! Here's a snapshot.
Find out the financial myths that could slow down your startup or make for a costly lesson.
First you need a great idea. Second, third and fourth, you need funding - like this tech startup.
Movie ticket startup Choovie covered a lot of ground in its first few years. Read the story here.
Your startup metrics explainer: What to use and how to do it.
The story of a successful exit. And a great retirement.
Putting money into your startup company? Here's how to go about it (and how not to go about it).
Roll the dice for a startup valuation? Yeah nah ... learn the basics here instead.
Ready to pay yourself from your startup company? Here's what you need to know.
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If you plan to issue shares or other forms of equity in your startup, you’ll need a cap table. Here's one to try.
Practical info, insights + tips on how to take your startup global covering money, structure, people and sales.
If trying to understand the R&D Tax Incentive is making your eyes feel fuzzy, our free explainer will help. Download it and all will become much clearer.

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